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Welcome from the Principal

As the principal of Treasure Coast Classical Academy my fundamental mission is to train minds and improve the hearts of our young people. We use a content-rich classical curriculum that focuses on the liberal arts and sciences. We also teach and guide our scholars in principles of moral character and civic virtue. Most of our scholars and families have this memorized but what does it actually mean and how does Treasure Coast Classical Academy accomplish this mission?

Training minds isn’t a difficult task. We develop habits through discipline, time, and repetition. Creating a structure during the day that allows scholars to know what the expectations are helps as we create an environment that successfully trains their minds. The key to our success is using a curriculum that is worthy to be taught to our scholars and leaves the ability to continue to learn and wonder throughout their lives. Hillsdale College and the Barney Charter Initiative allow us to have unlimited access to the most rigorous and thought provoking curriculum that exists. We work closely with the team at Hillsdale College and they hold us accountable to their standard of excellence. 

As the head of TCCA I believe teaching moral character and civic virtue is the foundation to everything we do. Modeling for our scholars courage, honesty, perseverance, self-government, service, courtesy, and responsibility is my number one priority. Your children must  be led by example and I commit to seeking to accomplish these fundamental values so that our scholars not only see me as one that talks the talk but actually lives these virtues in my own daily life. I long to build a culture of learners who love to wonder and question big ideas. I long for a school that has a love and pursuit of academic and moral excellence. 

As we continue to grow this year, I hope we can continue to seek good in one another and that I can support your family values and respect your choice to learn in one of the most amazing environments in Martin County. I ask that you commit to work with us for the same goals of excellence and that together we can accomplish the academic excellence and strong moral character that will be a light in our community.  

Thank you for all you do to support us each day. Whether it be dropping your scholar at carline in the morning, working on homework assignments, or giving your time or resources to TCCA  we cannot accomplish our goals without you. It takes our teachers,  our staff, and each family believing in and working together to achieve the mission at Treasure Coast Classical Academy. It is my privilege to lead our school and in doing so it is my goal to celebrate everything we accomplish together.  I know that this year great things will be accomplished as we choose to focus on our mission and create a Culture of Celebration each day.

Ronald Garcia, MTs Interim Principal