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Current Events

Spring season is currently in session. This Spring TCCA is competing in Middle School Track & Field and Middle School Tennis. In addition, TCCA has began a practice only team for Beach Volleyball and Flag Football. 


Treasure Coast Classical Academy  competitive athletics for our high school and middle school scholar-athletes.  Some sports opportunities are also available to our elementary school students. TCCA has been accepted into the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA).  All sports teams are TBA based on scholar-athlete participation. 

TCCA head coaches are typically on-campus teachers and/or successful, experienced coaches of their sport. Assistant coaches include on-campus teachers, coaching volunteers and parent volunteers. Team roster sizes are built based on the traditional standards of each sport. Sub rosters (JV, A/B teams, etc.) will be built when applicable. 

Our sports registration fees are calculated based on the financial resources needed to operate a quality athletic program. Registration fees are non-refundable. Depending on the size of each sport's roster and budget, additional payments may be required to purchase practice gear, game uniforms and equipment.  All additional purchases will be property of the student-athlete.  

Questions and comments regarding Treasure Coast Classical Academy athletics should be emailed to our Athletic Director, Danielle Sinatra.



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Banner Fundraiser for PE/Athletics

Are you interested in advertising your business or showing support for your scholar? The athletics department has a fundraiser that can help you accomplish just that.  We are offering banners that will hang on the fence around the PE field for all TCCA parents to see while they sit in the car line.

What do I get and how much does it cost?

  • One 3ft x 5ft banner along the fence around the PE field.
  • Costs $500 if you would like us to make the banner for you. You can provide us with the design already made and we can print the banner for you. Or you can give us the images and wording you would like and a designer will make and print it for you.
  • Discounted price of $450 if you provide the banner. Must be 3'x5"
  • Banners purchased after January 1st will be offered at the discounted price of $350. 
  • No political ads, please.

Banners purchased during the 22/23 school year will stay up through the remainder of the 22-23 school year. The banners will be returned to you by June 2023. If we are making the banner high-quality vector graphics are required. Checks for payment can be brought to the front office or mailed to TCCA at 1400 SE Cove Road, Stuart, Fl 34997

Click here for an order form. Thank you for supporting Titan Athletics! 

Registration Match Program

The registration match program is designed to assist our economically disadvantaged scholar-athletes. You can help a scholar-athlete who would like to play a specific sport by donating the to program through My School Bucks.

PTC:  Athletics 

Additional giving opportunities are available through our PTC: Athletics branch. PTC- Athletics donations can be made for the growth of a program of choice, or the athletic department overall.

Both PTC-Athletics donations and Registration Match donations are tax deductible for both individuals and businesses. 

Athletics Support

  • If you know of a facility that TCCA could use for any sport, please email Danielle Sinatra. We would greatly appreciate any connections to community facilities as we continue to grow our athletics department.
  • If you know of someone who would like to coach a specific sport, please reach out to Danielle Sinatra.   

TCCA/FHSAA Guidelines:

Scholar-athletes must complete all of the participation paperwork prior to start of the season in order to be eligible for participation. In addition,  FHSAA guidelines require scholar-athletes to be earning a 2.0 or higher overall GPA to be eligible for participation. 

Scholar-Athletes must abide by the TCCA dress code at practices and events.

FHSAA Hydration and Rest Guidelines

  • Rest time should involve both unlimited hydration intake and rest without any activity involved. 

  • For every 30 minutes of practice, there must be at least a minimum five minute rest and hydration break.

  • The area identified for rest should be considered a “cooling zone” and out of direct sunlight. This area can include ice sponges, cold immersion tubs and other cooling alternatives to facilitate the cooling process.

  • Coaches should promote a heat injury prevention philosophy by promoting unrestricted access to water at all times without consequence.

  • A student-athlete should never be denied access to water if he/she requests

  • For sports utilizing helmets (i.e. lacrosse, baseball, softball and others), helmets should be removed during rest time.