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Upper School

Upper School (6th - 10th)

For middle school grades 6th through 8th, the normal courses are literature, grammar, composition, civics (seventh or eighth grades), history and geography, science, Singapore Mathematics (generally 6A-6B in sixth grade and pre-algebra in seventh grade). Algebra 1 will normally be taken in eighth grade. Music, art, and Latin will be included each year. The Core Knowledge Sequence will provide a grade-by-grade sequence of specific topics to be taught in Grades K-8. It will provide the basic curricular framework for history, geography, literature, visual arts, music, and science.

For High School TCCA is adding 9th grade for the 22/23 school year, adding the next grade each subsequent year. For high school grades 9th through 12th, TCCA will follow the BCSI course sequence. This includes four and a half years of history; four years of literature, math, and science; three years of foreign language; and a semester each of government in the 11th grade, economics in the 12th grade, and moral philosophy in the 11th grade. In history, scholars begin with Western Civilization I & II in ninth and 10th grade, learn United States History from 1600-to the present day in 11th grade, and finish with a year of Modern European History (1789-2000) in 12th grade. In literature, scholars read great works, usually in their entirety, with an emphasis on ancient literature in ninth grade, British literature in 10th grade, American literature in 11th grade, and modern literature in 12th grade. The required track for science is Biology and Chemistry, then options such as Physics, Earth Science, Astronomy, or a more advanced course in Biology or Chemistry in the other two years. In math, scholars will complete courses at least through Geometry and Algebra II, and be able to take additional courses such as Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics to complete the four-year math requirement. In foreign languages, scholars will be expected to take at least one year of Latin and two additional years of a foreign language—either Latin or Spanish. One credit of Health and Physical Education will be included.