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Lower School (K-5)

The Lower School of Treasure Coast Classical Academy encompasses Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. The curriculum and school culture of the Lower School consists of the Core Knowledge Sequence, explicit phonics instruction, Singapore Mathematics, and our Core Virtues.

Classical education is not merely career preparation. It is an education for life. Through our Lower School curriculum, we prepare young people to be culturally literate, thoughtful, and engaged citizens. Our goal is for all of our scholars to grow into curious, creative, and virtuous young people.

The Core Knowledge Sequence in subjects such as History, Science, Literature, Art, and Music introduces our scholars to the world around them and its story. Children are curious about the natural world and the society in which they live. Children also have a natural love for stories, songs, and art. The Core Knowledge Sequence builds on these natural aptitudes and feeds this natural hunger by providing scholars with the information they need to be culturally literate. Children will understand the worlds of nature and culture and the story of the world.

Our explicit phonics program and Singapore mathematics provide a firm foundation in the languages of English and mathematics. Children begin by learning the foundations of the English language, advance to the writing of concise and grammatically correct sentences, and finally begin to write paragraphs and essays. Similarly, Singapore mathematics begins with a basic concrete number sense toward abstract numeracy while building an appreciation for orderliness.

The Treasure Coast Classical Academy Core Virtues—Courage, Honesty, Perseverance, Self-government, Service, Courtesy, and Responsibility—pervade the curriculum and school culture of the Lower School. scholars learn to appreciate objective Goodness, Truth, and Beauty while acquiring the habits of studious, responsible, and thoughtful people.